custom Iron Pole Climber


High Strength Adjustable pole climber Precautions for climbing
1. Pole operator should use the qualified climbers clearly marked with manufacturer label. Static load test (1176N, 120kg) should be performed regularly as required, and the test certificate be attached in a conspicuous position on the back of climber pedal. Check the certificate is within the valid term prior to use. It is prohibited to use any climbers with expired certificate.
2. The climber model should match the site pole diameter. Prior to normal operation, try climbing at the pole footing to check for any deformation and damage.
3. Anti-slip measures should be taken for use of climbers under special weather.
4. It is prohibited to throw or drop climbers from height.
5. Safety belt should be used for whole process protection when climbers are used for pole/tower climbing.
6. When climbing down close to ground, do not jump from the climbers before your feet touch the ground.
7. A supervisor should be assigned during training of pole climbing.

1、JK—T Pole climber Scope of use
ModelMaximum opening distance
(mm)Weight(kg)Outer diameter of applicable taper pin type cement pole(mm)Remark
JK—T—3003003.0~3.5ø190~ø300L +10mm
JK—T—4004003.0~3.5ø250~ø400L +10mm
2、JK—T Pole climber Basic Specifications
ModelRated load(KN)Test load(KN)Over load(KN)Test time(min)
JK—T—4001.001.652.255custom Iron Pole Climber